[thelist] Safari on Windows

L Lay llay at laysercomputing.com
Tue Jun 12 11:37:26 CDT 2007

Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2007/06/12 11:21 (GMT-0400) Jason Handby apparently typed:
>> Just out of curiosity... Can anyone suggest why on earth Apple think
>> this is a good idea? Do they not think that, between the ubiquitous
>> Internet Explorer and the free Firefox, the browser market on the PC is
>> pretty much sewn up? And if there's anything they would like the PC
>> browser to do that IE and Firefox don't do, what's wrong with plugins or
>> something?
>> I'm finding this very puzzling. But then I'm not an Apple expert.
> My guess is that the Safari developers want to ensure no significant web page differences between Safari and other modern browsers exist due to web page designers who are unwilling to buy a Mac in
> order to test their pages in Safari. Not all browser makers interpret all standards exactly alike, so there can be unintended differences that simply won't be found otherwise, particularly as proposed
> CSS3 features are implemented. The end result is a better experience for Mac buyers.

I have to agree with Felix.  You'll notice that this is a beta of 
version 3.  The current Mac version is 2.xx.  Apple is releasing this on 
Windows to get all the bugs worked out before they release it for the 
Mac, where people are going to be less tolerant if there are a lot of 

Mind you, as also pointed out on the list, I think Apple is going to 
waste so much time dealing with Windows security loopholes, you do have 
to wonder how much useful info they are going to get.

Oh well, now we have another browser to check...


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