[thelist] Safari on Windows

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Tue Jun 12 14:33:29 CDT 2007

>> I haven't used Konqueror on Windows, but note that Safari brings
>> over Apple's font renderer (and probably quite a bit more) as well.
> More about the font renderer coming over to Windows and the
> differences between the two:
> http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2007/06/12.html

It's an odd article, because he's just MSU* the whole way through, which is
not like him.

	"The difference originates from Apple's legacy in desktop publishing
and graphic design."

Um, no.  Mac OS X is post-DTP in the sense that that market had long been
saturated, and Mac OS X rendered fonts very differently from Mac OS 9 and
earlier (on the back of which that market was created).  Heck, Panther
rendered fonts differently (and better) than Jaguar.

	"...Apple engineers probably feel like they're doing a huge service
to the Windows community, bringing their "superior" font rendering
technology to the heathens..."

Um, no.  Anybody who's ever worked at Apple during the Steve years will tell
you that engineers don't make a single aesthetic decision.

Anyway, Safari has a preference that allows you to choose lighter font
rendering.  Based on feedback from the interwebosphere, I expect Apple to
make this the default on the final Windows release.

-- Charles

*making s#!t up

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