[thelist] iPod death (was RE: Safari on Windows)

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Tue Jun 12 16:48:21 CDT 2007

> Joel --
> What the heck did you do to it??? ;)

that's the really nongroovy part - I played it all night, and recharged
it during the day. probably updated the playlist twice during the month
it worked. otherwise, it was treated with kid gloves, as I do with all
my electronics (except my Sony laptop, which I've developed the habit of
dropping. it bounces, as long as I'm on our carpet-over-wood floors. I
try not to carry it outside much . . . )

and, for what it's worth, unless you take the time to update the tags
for every single MP3 you own, the iTunes interface doesn't let me group
stuff the way I think about it; it wants me to see my music the way
iTunes does.

just gimme a representation of the directory structure I've already
created and maintained over the years, and don't ask me to learn a new
interface just to use your tool. sure, add the cool interface if you
like, but don't cripple the interface I'm already used to with my OS.

which gives the lie to the idea that Apple will ever win converts by
creating Windows software. just as I will never fathom dragging my
floppy disc into the trash to eject it from the drive, Apple doesn't
seem to get that I don't *want* the software to 'help me get organized'
and all that. putting all my music into a single folder iTunes likes is
nearly as helpful as a certain paper clip we don't hear much about any
more . . . was his name Bob? no, wait, that was someone else . . .


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