[thelist] Need some JS help - unobtrusive popup - based onCLASS not id.

Jon Hughes hughesj at firemtn.com
Fri Jun 15 11:39:51 CDT 2007

I guess I should have explained the end goal.

Basically, when you mouse-over a thumbnail, it will pop up a box. This
box is that detpopupcont class.

So I don't actually want it all to happen at the same time, I only want
the one that is hovered over to pop up, and only when it is hovered

Sorry for being confusing.


I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve as usually you would
hide/show the elements with javascript for accessibility reasons, but

There are a lot of functions that have been written for the lack of
getElementsByClass, here's one:


this will return an array, so now you can loop through that array

var popUps= getElementsByClass('detpopupcont');

for(i=0;i<popUps.length;i++) {

Ben Morrison

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