[thelist] Unobstrusive loading bar

Jeffrey Joslin lists at joslins.net
Sat Jun 16 13:01:11 CDT 2007

Peppe Totaro wrote:
> Jeffrey Joslin wrote:
>> /Welcome.  Something like this?/
>> /http://www.ajaxload.info/
> Ok,
> this is the gif that i need, but I'm very confused about the code that solve my problem in unobstrusive way.
> In fact, a immediate solution could be show teh loading bar and update the page's content when the page is loaded, but this is very obstrusive.
> Can you help me?

Ah, okay, I see now.  I misread that you were working on the status 
reporting code and needed some intuitive manner to display to the user 
that the loading was in progress (hence the loading images above).

As far as developing code to report status / percent loaded / items 
loading (or whatever else), without knowing any further about your 
particular application(s), I would recommend having a look at some of 
the available, well-vetted code libraries out there that handle just 
these sorts of data access (and reporting, and content display, etc) tasks.

For example:


Yahoo! UI Library:

So, for starters, have a look at those and then about integrating your 
application(s) into such approaches.

At the very least, the above will give you a better sense of prevailing 
methods out there.

Good luck,


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