[thelist] pasted ms-word cruft in my RTE

sbeam sbeam at syxyz.net
Mon Jun 18 17:24:49 CDT 2007

those of you that use contentEditable widgets like TinyMCE and friends 
for maintaining site content - do you have the same problem with text 
pasted in from MS Word, namely the unspeakable ugliness, invalidity, 
tendency to completely muck up an entire page, gross depravity, putting 
funny smells on the upholstery, etc etc etc....

We have been telling folks to "first paste the text into Notepad, then 
paste again into the RTE, then add your formatting as needed". But then 
you have to listen to the groans of discontent (and usually explain 
what Notepad is). Even bits copied from other sites carries in the HTML 
and CSS from the other site - not real useful. Is there a Better Way 


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