[thelist] pasted ms-word cruft in my RTE

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Tue Jun 19 02:12:27 CDT 2007

I use this in Word:
(select all) edit > clear > clear formatting
Then copy-paste into cms or wysiwyg program.

Nobody wants ugliness :-)
Good luck,

> those of you that use contentEditable widgets like TinyMCE and friends
> for maintaining site content - do you have the same problem with text
> pasted in from MS Word, namely the unspeakable ugliness, invalidity,
> tendency to completely muck up an entire page, gross depravity,  
> putting
> funny smells on the upholstery, etc etc etc....
> We have been telling folks to "first paste the text into Notepad, then
> paste again into the RTE, then add your formatting as needed". But  
> then
> you have to listen to the groans of discontent (and usually explain
> what Notepad is). Even bits copied from other sites carries in the  
> and CSS from the other site - not real useful. Is there a Better Way
> (TM)?
> Sam

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