[thelist] the best online payment company

Tim Gaunt info at thesitedoctor.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 07:30:11 CDT 2007

Nan, it depends whether you have a merchant account at your disposal or not
but after having developed with a large variety of providers I would choose
Protx every time.

>What experiences have you had with online payment websites? 
Protx from start to finish were excellent, plenty of samples to look at,
nice integration that avoids the use of query string params to pass the
information and superb support. The only downside I've had with them was the
payment page customisation for their direct setup or whatever it was -only
really allows you to add a logo.

WorldPay are ok but I think need to pull up their socks to compete in
today's market, their payment page customisation the last time I looked at
it however was pretty good. The charges are high and support poor. 

PayPal to me is still very much eBay dominated, we have used them
successfully for B2B trading too however and people aren't as put off as
they used to be now that they accept Credit Cards

Google Checkout is good but I'm not sure they offer repeat billing.

HSBC -don't touch with a barge pole, I'm saying no more :)

I can't recall what the "others" were like which kinda says it all really :)

>We are looking for ease of use for customers 
Depends whether they're onsite or offsite payments for that I would say,
they're all much a muchness. Some allow repeat billing on a monthly basis
without any interaction from the user...

>lowest fees, of course.
Protx -last time I checked it was 10p per transaction up to 1,000
transactions a quarter and then £20pm flat fee if you go above that
threshold. No other fees at all.


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