[thelist] the best online payment company

KrisG evoltlists at charitycards.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 04:02:18 CDT 2007

At 18:09 19/06/2007, you wrote:

 >>Hi all,

 >>£20 for 1000 transaction per month (small 
business), 10p per tx if you go over 1000

 >Would you translate this to English, uh, American, please?


         No prob - allowing for exchange rates - 
If you handle 1000 or less online card payment 
transaction in a month, there is a flat rate 
charge of  20 GB pounds sterling. If you go over 
1000 transaction in a month, your account will be 
charged 10 pence per transaction by proTx.

          Pence and pounds work the same as cents 
and dollars (100 of one in the other).

         Comparing what we paying now to what we 
were paying when we were with WorldPay, our bills 
are about 20% what hey used to be.


What's the point of rhetorical questions, eh.


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