[thelist] How do you manage CSS for a very large site?

Jon Hughes hughesj at firemtn.com
Wed Jun 20 17:14:05 CDT 2007

The company I work for has well over 200 UNIQUE pages.  The layout
changes dramatically on each page...

Right now, it's either table-based, or the CSS is embedded on the
page... then when they hired me, I started converting these over to be
proper xhtml/css pages.

But with so many pages, I am unsure what to do.

Do I create a .css for each page, and @include it?  Do I just add it all
to the main css (which is already 50k...) or do I <link> to the main css
and a page-specific css file in the header?

Any guidance would be appreciated, and examples of other sites with this
problem would be fantastic.


 - Jon

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