[thelist] GoDaddy software and Macs

Bojan Tesanovic btesanovic at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 13:52:30 CDT 2007

Well she can install wordpress. It is content management application
mostly for bloggers but also convenient for this site. Very easy to mentain
it has nice WYSIWYG ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WYSIWYG )
and she can make new pages in less then an blink of an eye :)

GoDaddy has it for free in site control panel and it is installed
via automatic no hassle.
She can then choose various designs from http://themes.wordpress.net/
and upload it to her site (also free).

There are numerous plugins for WP e.g. images

After one day she should be able to have site like this

but let her backup current site if she decides to install WP

Brooking, John wrote:
> Site: http://www.newenglandchristianartscouncil.org/
> Site builder software:
> https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/hosting/hosting_build_website.asp?ci=9028
> Features she uses are HTML free text editing, Javascript scroller, image
> uploads and photo albums.
> She probably tweaks some text on a page or two a few times a month,
> especially after a large event is over with. I don't know how frequently
> she would want to add new pages, probably not very.
> Her financial situation is that they are not a registered non-profit
> yet, although they are working on it, and they have no money. She said
> they can probably afford a slightly higher rate for web hosting, but
> $200 at a pop for emulation software would have to be raised.
> - John
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> Hi John can you be more specific what is site about, what specific
> feature
> your friend needs how often site changes etc best would be to provide a
> link.
> Brooking, John wrote:
>> Howdy,
>>    We have a friend who has a website hosted by GoDaddy, and which is
>> built using their hosted "Website Tonight" site builder.
> Unfortunately,
>> she uses a Macintosh, which is not "recommended" for that software
>> according to their FAQ, and in fact she is not able to update the site
>> herself. (I don't know how the original decision was made, maybe it
> was
>> before she was involved.) So far she has been calling my wife to do
>> updates for her, so I am thinking about alternatives to suggest to
> her.
>>    I'm not self-employed and looking for additional work, so the more
> I
>> think about it, the more I like the idea of having her just run a
>> Windows emulator on her Mac so she can use the GoDaddy software from a
>> "Windows" browser. I'm assuming this should work fine, but I thought
> I'd
>> better run it by you all and see if there's any issues with this I
> don't
>> know about. Thoughts?
>>    Alternative suggestions are welcome as well. Besides the emulator
>> idea, I've thought about changing hosts, installing a native site
> editor
>> package on her Mac, or creating some custom server software for her
>> using FCKEdit and PHP/MySQL objects. Product research is not my strong
>> suit, so the first two sound like a lot of boring research, and the
>> custom work option is not too attractive because this is a non-profit
>> who is not prepared to spend much money, as evidenced by her
> willingness
>> to ask my wife to do updates for her. :-)
>>    Thanks for any suggestions!
>> - John

Bojan Tesanovic

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