[thelist] CSS help for the Linux Foundation

Ken Snyder kendsnyder at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 22:06:20 CDT 2007

ryan wrote:
> So, what is your suggestion to be able to take advantage of CSS 
> possibilities regarding font size and line spacing? -ryan
The best thing is to basically use "em" instead of "px".  IMHO using 
"px" isn't so heinous.  Very few surfers use custom stylesheets; Firefox 
and Opera offer good features for increasing font size even when px is used.

The main thing is just to realize that standards-compliant and 
accessible markup is important because the web was never meant to be a 
pixel-perfect canvas.  The original idea of html is to convey 
information and give client applications freedoms in the UI rendering.  
If you want total control, use Flash.

One of the hallmarks of an accessible design _is_ looking good with 
larger font--say 300%.  But accessible design is just one of the many 
points to consider when making a successful site.

-- Ken

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