[thelist] PHP 302 redirects maintains referer

Bojan Tesanovic btesanovic at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 17:03:54 CDT 2007

I have a problem with 302 redirects
So we have site A that points to site B then site B does some logging and redirects to site C
what I happens is that when site B do 302 redirect site C sees site A as referer site not site B

to illustrate
1) User comes to site A and clicks  http:/siteB/logg/id-373
2) site B logs it and retrieves from id 373 a original URL lets say http:/siteC/product-999
3) site C gets as a referer site , site A but not site B

is there any way to inject or change referer on site B, so that site C gets referer site to be B and not A
I am using PHP5 with apache 1.3

I hope this was not confusing :)

Bojan Tesanovic

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