[thelist] .NET and MSSQL data validation

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu Jun 28 17:37:46 CDT 2007

Ah - I did read that, didn't answer it though. ;-P

If you do data binding with web controls, you could be "linking in" parameters from other controls. The concept I understand - but when I do AJAX I route around the dotNet Framework.

See, I don't like that the dotNet tutorials I learned with taught a post back for each click and select. Seemed like too much work and too much irritation to the user. MS Report Server does this with the selectable parameters on a report. Highly annoying.

So I use AJAX to work any selects / form elements that need to be updated because of other form elements. 

Now MS has their their own AJAX Toolkit - but we are heavily invested in the Yahoo AJAX Tool set because MS didn't release theirs until January and I needed a working tool set 12 months ago. 

But you might want to look at MS's AJAX Solution and see how that integrates with the dotNet Web Controls and their data binding / view state / post back needs.

Hope that helps.

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> [reordered to put the most important on top]
> > Second, constraints and such should be a DB level function - 
> > not a code level issue. Use the DB first, code as a backup / 
> yes, right, exactly - I didn't 'splain myself well.
> in the db, *this* data port is connected to *that* office; all proper db
> constraints in place.
> now, the user goes to set up a new user's info in the db. when they
> select the office New User is assigned, and then go to assign their
> computer to a data port, the select should only populate with data ports
> from that office. normally, I'd restrict the select options using code
> (okay, probably way back in the SQL query somewhere.)
> will .NET see that connection in the SQL db and assume it for me? that
> was what I really meant to ask.

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