[thelist] .NET and MSSQL data validation

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Sun Jul 1 10:07:12 CDT 2007

> you'll need to
> recreate the valid options again on the server once the data 
> is posted, in
> order to validate the selected options from the user.

this is an intranet for a smallish company, so the users won't have
javascript turned off or mucked with (they're the ones who'll directly
benefit from the tool) and the chances of even two people using this
tool simultaneously are so slight we can call them zero.

so, if javascript is an acceptable choice and the choices which were
valid when we built the form are still valid when we post it, is there
another reason to need server side re-validation?

> This is then databound to your
> second, dependant <asp:DropDownList> control.

I don't understand what that means - what will the user experience? does
the page reload? is this only validating at the server, not in the page?

> Happy to send you a sample page of code offlist if you want. 

stupendous; that would be very helpful indeed

> Otherwise, I've found Stephen Walther's ASP.NET Unleashed 
> books to be the
> best single volume you'll find on skilling up on .NET.
> Cheers
> Ken 
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