[thelist] Select box overlap in IE (6)

Peppe Totaro totaropeppe at yahoo.it
Mon Jul 2 09:15:22 CDT 2007

I didn't find a real solution for this bug.
Some workarounds exist, but they aren't a good solution form my web application.

A simple workaround can be hide the select box when an element (in my case div#legend) is over the select elements, but I don't like this solution.
An other workaround use the iframe element that cover the select box because it has more priority than select box.
The iframe element must have the same dimension and position of the element that we want viewing over the select boxes.
If an user use IE 5, this browser don't support iframe element. An other problem comes in when you use SSL.

I don't like these solutions and I hope that my user has IE 7, because this version implement the select box as windowless element.
If you have better solutions, post they here please.


Anthony Baratta wrote:
> Known bug. I do not think there is a way to fix it.
> If you do find a solution, post the solution here please.

> Peppe Totaro wrote:
> >/ Hi,
/> >/ 
/> >/ I've a div#legend draggable. With scriptaculous thi is very simple:
/> >/
/> >/ new Draggable('legend', {})
/> >/ 
/> >/ In the same page of the div, there are several select boxes and in IE6 
/> >/ theese boxes overlap the div and this isn't the wanted effect.
/> >/ This bug happens only with IE and this browser sees select box as an 
/> >/ element with more priority than div.
/> >/ 
/> >/ Thanks.
/> >/ 
/> >/ Giuseppe/

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