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Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Tue Jul 3 10:22:08 CDT 2007

Hi Sarah
Yup! I did all those things already. I even set it so comment authors don't
have to fill out their name and email. 
Thanks though.

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> I am doing some work for a client, and on the side, I set up a simple 
> wordpress blog for her. I know enough about it to set it up, but I 
> have never looked under the hood, and don't want to take the time 
> right now. She can't get the website to allow readers to post a 
> comment.All the setting for the posts she has written should allow 
> comments.  Is there a bug in WordPress? I could probably figure this 
> out by following the code but I don't have time.  I tried  googling 
> for this and came up with nothing. Is there someplace in the database 
> I could manually go in and change the setting to allow comments

You may have already done this, but in the administrator, go to Options
> General and make sure "users must be registered and logged in to
comment" is not checked. I'm assuming you've already set everything
necessary under the Discussion tab.


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