[thelist] Vista font sizes in CSS

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Wed Jul 4 06:48:50 CDT 2007

> We're looking at introducing the Vista fonts into our current
> font-family but have found they render quite a bit smaller than the
> 'traditional' fonts. You can see a screenshot here of 3 fonts set at
> 12px each: http://anucreative.com/test/vistafonts.gif
> Assume I have: body { font: 12px Candara, Verdana, sans-serif; }. If a
> user has Candara installed the font is quite small for them; If I bump
> up the size to 14px and users *don't* have Candara installed,  
> Verdana at
> 14px looks awful (IMHO). What to do?

The only solution which immediately springs to mind is the classic  
one of separate CSS for separate platforms, using a browser detect  
and asuming that everyone with Vista has Candara installed. You'll  
never gt it pixel perfect, though.

Mark Howells
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