[thelist] JavaScript Multiple Events

mike.nowak at arcww.ca mike.nowak at arcww.ca
Wed Jul 4 16:31:02 CDT 2007

> Hello,
> I am accustomed to coding rollover events in JS, but this time I am also
> looking to have a second event occur when you mouseover and that is to 
> text appear in another location eg: in a separate table or  div. Can 
> assist me as to how this is done?
> thanks

You're probably going to need to create a seperate handler. I had 
something similar with a page's onload when I had multiple scripts with 
their onwn window.onload events. Instead of assigning a function to 
window.onload, I just populated an array with the functions I wanted 
triggered and, in the end, had an onload function that iterated through 
them all.

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