[thelist] Mac user needs IIS sync suggestions

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jul 4 19:54:23 CDT 2007

IPSec can be used to secure the traffic - this is an open standard
Robocopy.exe is a freeware copy tool that has robust and flexible in terms of
copying files between two boxes
Windows has a Task Scheduler service you can use to schedule a robocopy

Obviously there are third party options etc as well, but the above is free,
secure, stable, simple.

Alternatively, Windows has something called "DFS" (Distributed File System)
which may also meet your needs.


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Hello All,
I have to get a bunch of folders mirrored from an internal IIS server  
to a web server. If I were doing this with OSX or *nix I would use  
some combination of cron, ssh, rsync, sftp/scp.
What are the suggested ways of doing this type of synchronising on  
IIS? My priorites (in order) are that it be secure, stable and simple.

Thanks very much for any suggestions or advice.

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