[thelist] Vista font sizes in CSS

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Thu Jul 5 04:43:05 CDT 2007

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> You could pop open a beer and chill out - it's the web, you're not going to 
> get consistent type, so you may as well do your best, accept that some users 
> will have small text and relax =D

Hehehe. That's the line I'm always getting from my colleagues - "the 
clients are myopic daltonians with 21" screens at 640*480 and displays 
configured to jackson pollock mode, so half of your work is already 
completely wasted as far as we're concerned".

But if we're going to get serious (which is also nice), I'd use this 
[http://foobr.co.uk/2007/03/detect_fonts_with_javascript_and_flash/] to 
see if the desired font is there, and then feed an extra css with a new 

>> You'll also notice that bold is not very bold for Candara which is a bit
>> disappointing.
> Probably affected by font size and the OS level font smoothing though. You 
> might want to play with different sizes as well as different fonts.

Microsoft font rendering still has miles to go. I don't like ClearType 
all too much, and they're only just getting into what I call 'real bold' 
- ie bold isn't a hack behaviour applied to normal.


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