[thelist] Stupid linux/router problem

Brent Eades beades at almonte.com
Thu Jul 5 18:25:58 CDT 2007

OK, this is probably a little off-topic. But here goes anyway.

I've been running a personal web server through my DSL connection for
several years. A few days ago I was hacked by some SOB's who planted a
rootkit on the server, and kept using the back door to install a
phishing site on my server. Yikes.

So anyway; I soon realized that the only way to get rid of this rootkit
was to reformat my drive and reinstall Linux. I decided to go with
Fedora Core 6.

So: traffic to this server (foo.com) is handled by a dLink router
(address = I've assigned a permanent internal IP, via the
router, to this server ( and placed it in the DMZ.

I've reinstalled Apache, of course, and fiddled with KDE's 'network
configuration' utility.

And this is where things fall apart. At one point I guess I tried
entering as the IP address for foo.com in some Linux
config file.

And now that I try to start the Apache httpd daemon, I keep getting an
error: "cannot assign requested address: make sock: could not bind to

I thought I'd removed all references to that address,,
from my system -- apart from httpd.conf, which reads:


Anyway, it's been years since I last had to install a Linux distro; I
just can't figure out how to get httpd up and running in this context.


Brent Eades	
Almonte, Ontario

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