[thelist] How to simply display referer url in html

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Fri Jul 6 17:05:16 CDT 2007

It depends on how the redirect works. Meta Refresh, .htaccess file redirect, or a DNS Alias / Hostheader accumulation.

If you think the referer is correct, then you should use a bit of server side code to do what you want. Make sure you validate the domain in the referer as one you want to show for sale. Otherwise you might begin advertising for sale ANY domain that links to your for sale page.

That might be awkward. ;-)

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> Hi all,
> (hopefully) a very simple request here ...
> I have been reviewing the domains I have registered (too many) and have
> decided to try to sell off some of the unwanteds, so I've used the
> "redirect" facility at my hosters (dreamhost) to point browsers to a landing
> page at my site forsale.bolleaux.com.
> At the moment I have a noddy page there but I would like to start to improve
> it by at least being able to display the url that sent the browser to my
> page, so instead of saying "the domain you clicked on o get here is for
> sale" I'd like to say something like "domain.com is for sale", filling in
> domain.com from the referer field.
> I have done a fair bit of Googling (tm) but so far drawn a blank.
> Can I do this at all?  Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?
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> Regards, Mike
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