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Ahhhh... Grasshopper - we have much to learn about the way of code. ;-)

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As a good designer and coder you should be commenting your code for future reference. If not for yourself, for others to follow up later with. But what about logging?

Depending on the coding language and platform, you should also be building logging options to your code. With the flip of a boolean or the setting of a string you can have your inline logging collecting and spitting out data for your perusal.

The few extra minutes it takes to write a line or two, or make a conditional call to your logging functions at strategic locations within your code is time well spent as your application becomes larger and more complex.


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> Yes it's easier to keep things consistent when you modularize components.  And I definetly understand if your doing a shopping cart the line count would be low.  This is more complicated stuff.  The down side is when big chunks of the asp code are compartmentalized debugging isn't alot of fun.  
> Thanks for the suggestions.

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