[thelist] Causes of IE6 Crashes

Ken Snyder kendsnyder at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 17:56:10 CDT 2007

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> ...
> So, have you managed to rule anything out yet?
Lots of great suggestions, Thanks!

I can rule out HTTPS and I'm almost positive none of the pages have 
severely malformed <inputs>.

I'll definitely try to check the CSS, JS, and ActiveX.  The app doesn't 
use ActiveX, but I'm assuming from your comments that disabling ActiveX 
in IE can possibly affect CSS/JS/HTML.  Is that correct?  And by 
"disabling" CSS and JS do you mean removing <style> and <script> tags, 
or turning off CSS and JS with some IE setting? (I don't see any such 

I can also try systematically removing parts of the CSS/JS/HTML.

I think the trickiest part is the fact that I cannot reproduce any 
crashes using a fresh install of IE6, so I may have to go to the actual 
client site to use their workstations.

- Ken

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