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Any decent IDE has an inbuilt debugger than you can use to do just-in-time debugging. And compartmentalising/modularising your code makes it *easier* to debug, not harder.

How do you run unit tests or stub your code if you have everything in one huge block?

If you have nice class libraries for common functionality, it becomes very, very easy to test each block, and isolate where you errors are occurring.


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Yes it's easier to keep things consistent when you modularize components.  And I definetly understand if your doing a shopping cart the line count would be low.  This is more complicated stuff.  The down side is when big chunks of the asp code are compartmentalized debugging isn't alot of fun.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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On 7/9/07, j s <jslist at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> But when your code goes over 500 lines it's a lot easier to do
> some stuff with a gui editor like dreamweaver.

I've never found it easier, but that's personal preference. :-)

I'll certainly agree with Brian Cummiskey that 500 lines sounds
excessive for a single page, and modularizing your components
would be better practice...

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