[thelist] Web Dev Program

Joost van Velzen joost at nr6.nl
Tue Jul 10 09:47:21 CDT 2007

Just forget the "i wanna see my web page while programming" idea, or get 
used to the ASP code blocks in DW. For ASP i would definitely suggest 
visual studio, that's what it's made for! If you were to program PHP i 
would say: Zend Development Environment (really really really amazing 
program and no i don't have shares ;-)), or phpdesigner.



j s wrote:
> Hi All,
> Right now I create web pages using Dreamweaver MX.  Alot of times the page won't fully display in it due to the amount of asp code in the middle of tags (like row/column tags).  Dreamweaver thinks there's a tag mistake and won't show the rest of the page.  
> I'm looking for a better editor.  I've tried Frontpage, Visual Studio, Sharepoint and they don't seem to be as comfortable as Dreamweaver - but I'm getting tired of not seeing my complete pages.  
> Do you guys have any suggestions on using an alternative?
> Thanks
> Jess

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