[thelist] Causes of IE6 Crashes

Ken Snyder kendsnyder at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:17:10 CDT 2007

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> Oh my!  This is using CSS, JS and ActiveX!  Interesting it uses the
> AlphaImageLoaderFilter, which doesn't work on my XP/IE7 installation
> (because no CSS filters or transitions do), I have to wrap the
> relevant JS in a try/catch to prevent the error message (but IE didn't
> crash, it just gave an error message about one of the DirectX DLLs).
Ah yes, I didn't even think of css filters as ActiveX, but indeed it 
is!  The app also uses an ActiveX opacity filter in some places. As far 
as IE7... it properly handles PNGs so that script does apply the 
function for IE7 but the function immediately returns for IE7:

if (!/MSIE (5\.5|6\.)/.test(navigator.userAgent)...) return;

I'll post again after more tests.

- Ken

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