[thelist] User-selectible links

Thomas Moore thdomo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 11:40:27 CDT 2007

Just a test reply since I didn't see this come across the list to my inbox.

On 7/10/07, Thomas Moore <thdomo at gmail.com> wrote:
> wondering if anyone has a resource or ideas about this: We're in the
> middle of rethinking our company Intranet.
> One of the big challenges is that different areas of the company are
> interested in different resources/apps/areas of the Intranet. Making
> the page customizable is the obvious solution, but going for a
> complete drag and drop interface is too much for us to handle right
> now.
> So we were thinking of having a section--like a left hand nav
> section--and allowing our users to select the links they want in that
> area.
> If anyone here has done that, could you give a brief overview of how
> it went?  And is there a preferred approach or technology?

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