[thelist] CSS opacity question

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Wed Jul 11 11:37:25 CDT 2007

Ben Morrison wrote:
> This will work, although you may run into problems with how high/wide
> the <divs> will be - how can you ensure that the background div will
> be the same size as the content div?

Because their positioning has been specified using identical expressions 
of universally unambiguous css. That's what the whole point of the 
question was.

alphaImageLoader, on the other hand, is an MS proprietary function and 
as such will only work on IE (which admitedly cannot do true css opacity 
in version 6).

Mark Howells wrote:
> Funny that we both came back with almost identical code, too... :-)

Don't be so humble Mark, your z-index values were significantly less 
bloated. :)


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