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Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 18:58:14 CDT 2007

> Jay Blanchard <jblanchard at pocket.com> wrote:
> > This is probably much too broad a question given all of the AJAX
> > libraries out there, but does anyone know of a really informative AJAX
> > mailing list?

While it is cool to see all these URLs for JS libraries' lists, how
does that relate to Ajax? Ajax is not using a library, and it is also
not about using JSON.

I guess the real question is what do you need to know? Lately there is
a MASSIVE confusion about Ajax.

Ajax in its most basic form means you load content via XMLhttpRequest
in an asynchronous manner, and that is it. If someone tries to sell
you interface tricks as Ajax that person is talking rubbish.

Ajax is a methodology, not a technology or implementation, so it is
tricky to talk a lot about it.

I'd be seriously interested in what you are looking for as I yet have
to write my presentation for @mediaAjax in November in London :)

Chris Heilmann
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