[thelist] ASP.NET - uploading to server

rogerharness at comcast.net rogerharness at comcast.net
Thu Jul 12 00:37:15 CDT 2007


This is a total newbie question, as I've just recently downloaded the Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. I've done some basic L.A.M.P. programming/experimenting in the past, but our (Windows) server folks said to do anything dynamic it would probably be easiest to learn with ASP.NET.

All I'm currently trying to do is create some forms to validate, and mail user info to a few email addresses. Right now our main web person is using basic mailto: processes in the forms.

I've been able to develope REAL simple apps at my workstation with the built-in testing environment, but I'm having trouble getting the files to work on the actual server. 

I'm trying to research, but I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the config file, which is what I think is part of my problem? With the express edition of the Developer I'm using, I can't 'publish' a site, I can only copy it up. Which again is maybe part of my problem?

So I guess that's what I'm asking help on...can anyone either advise me on a simple process to make my beginning apps/pages work on our server, or point me to a resource that may explain this part of the process in pretty simple terms?

Thank you as always,

-Roger Harness

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