[thelist] headers output at top of page after cflocation redirect

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Tue Jul 17 10:09:09 CDT 2007

>> I've got a global 404 handler set up on a ColdFusion site. For the most
>> part it just says "page not found" and includes the site nav and search
>> to allow users to locate the content they want. But I also have it set
>> up to automatically redirect certain pages, mod_rewrite being disabled
>> at the host.
>> I've noticed, however, that sometimes when it redirects, the page that
>> is redirected to seems to have a bunch of headers being output at the
>> very top of the page. However this text does not appear in the View
>> Source, although it does appear in the DOM Inspector, as a text node
>> immediately under the body tag. Also, the headers output don't match the
>> actual headers that I see under Page Info. Here's what's output:
>> HTTP/1.1 200 OK
>> Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0
>> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 16:40:37 GMT
>> MicrosoftOfficeWebServer: 5.0_Pub
>> X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
>> Connection: close
>> Content-type: text/html
>> Page-Completion-Status: Normal
>> Page-Completion-Status: Normal
>> Has anyone ever seen something like this? Any suggestions for how to
>> make it stop?
> My finger of suspicion is the web server.
>> MicrosoftOfficeWebServer: 5.0_Pub
> Which I imagine is some flavour of IIS.  Does CF officially support this 
> webserver?

Yes, CF is supported on IIS.

> You might want to 301 redirect instead of using cflocation (which does a 302 
> redirect "Moved Temporarily") , try this:
> <cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved Permanently">
> <cfheader name="Location" value="#the new location here#">
> <cfabort>

Great suggestion, thanks! At first when I used this suggestion, the
header issue got worse - the headers were printed out in the source, and
the page must have been served at text instead of HTML cause all I saw
was the source. Sent a ticket in to the host, who said there was nothing
wrong. And now the problem is gone. Hmmm... :) I wish I had an
explanation for why this was happening since I'd never seen anything
like this before, but oh well, it's gone, the client is happy, so I'm happy.

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