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On 2007/07/19 11:42 (GMT+0100) Tris apparently typed:

> I'm specing up a new laptop...
> Dell are offering a 32Gb solid state drive as a hard drive option.
> Can anyone tell me why I'd want this?
> (I've got a 160Gb WEstern digital that's small and USB powered, so I
> could carry that with me, but ) it strikes me as silly to limit the
> laptop to 32Gb...

> What am I missing?

Standard HDs are the second most failure prone part of a computer, first
being cooling fans.

So, no moving parts, giving at least theoretically better long term
reliability, would be one obvious answer. Also because of no moving parts,
speed might be another. Without moving parts, SS should generate less heat
and require less power, definite advantages in a laptop.

Unless a main use you plan is something most people use a (much larger, and
thus more appropriate) TV for, 32G is a LOT of space. Don't be mislead by
the insanely large sizes of current HDs. Most of those never see more than a
minescule fraction used for things most people traditionally use computers for.
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