[thelist] Can't get embedded media to play with JavaScript

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 18:10:51 CDT 2007

Using Flash was indeed my first thought. However, this is an Intranet
application. And although there are a lot of different system configurations
(macs, windows and linux workstations all doing different things), the one
common factor is that the system administrators have disallowed Flash and
Java (browser plug-ins) on all machines (my second thought was to use a Java
applet to handle this).

I suppose this is to prevent the employees from going online and playing
Flash/Shockwave or Java games, and YouTube (and similar) usage. Trying to
block all those websites in the firewalls is an immense task, and disabling
the flash player is the simplest solution for that.

Anyway, that left me with the EMBED solution. I decided to take ppk's
advice, and go with dropping new EMBED tags into the document when a sound
effect is needed. This does mean that the browser will only start loading
the plug-in when the sound effect should start playing, so there is a delay,
but it works. On my testing machine, QuickTime is used to play WAV files,
and the delay is hardly noticeable.

Thanks for responding!


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