[thelist] Easy float/footer issue help

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Fri Jul 20 21:12:26 CDT 2007


I'm sure this is very basic, but it's 3am and I can't quite get my head 
around it.

Take a look at this http://www.johnallsopp.co.uk/test2/test.php4

The three tables are provided by a php routine, the idea being that I 
can create a page containing any mixture of those tables in different 
sizes and they will all lay out nicely together depending on the screen 
size, etc. So they should float within their 'left' div. That works 
fine. In fact, it all works fine in IE.

My problem is that having floated those tables, in Firefox my containing 
div 'wholeBody' (green border) has shrunk to nothing, and the footer 
(pink background), which I want to be underneath the body, is now near 
the top of the page.

I know I could lay out the page using absolute positioning or tables, 
but I wanted to create a flexible framework for other pages. Tables all 
liquidly laying out, footer at the bottom.

Any advice for fixing the Firefox thing without scuppering the IE one?


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