[thelist] Shopping Cart Question???

Steven Pierce steven.pierce at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 21:09:54 CDT 2007

Good Evening,

OK.. I have been watching this list for a while now.  Only posted a couple
of times, but
this is one that I need help (Direction) on.

I have just taken over a site, and in the past I have not had to deal with a
shopping cart.  This one site, has a cart, that is really not a cart.  It
takes the information and Email's it to a specific person.

Does anyone know of a good method to help with this?  I have not learned
any of the scripting languages, ( I know, I need to).

I am willing to pay for it, but if it is free that would be great.  If
someone wants
to see the site, Email me off line and I will give you the link.

Thank you again.


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