[thelist] Portal site quandary

Molly Magai mollymagai at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 17:39:39 CDT 2007

I've been asked to create a portal site. My client wants user access
controlled thusly: a company is given a password. To create a new user, a
person must first log in with their email address and company password. The
system checks the company password against their email domain (that is, if
they are from Microsoft the domain needs to be microsoft.com). Then the
person may create their own user and password which they can use from then
on to get into the site. It'll be on an apache server, and I plan to use
PHP. Once they're in, the site is super simple, just some basic pages and

I can build this, but would prefer not to reinvent the wheel especially on
the basic user/password stuff, as opposed to the fancy company password part
which probably could sit on top of an existing solution. Would it make sense
to use a CMS of some kind, or someone's canned code? Anyone tried this?

Molly Magai

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