[thelist] [Server-side Security] stopping script / html injection

Jonathan Snook jonathan.snook at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 21:15:54 CDT 2007

On 7/23/07, Paul Bennett <Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz> wrote:
> I've set up a generic function to check for  the following: <, >, &lt;, &gt; and reject the data if they're found.

If you're checking for entities, check for &lt and &gt (without
semicolons as most browsers will encode those) and their numeric
counterparts &#60; and &#62; (again, with and without semicolons).

Depending on how you're stripping things, you'll probably want to look
out for someone doing, &<lt;script&>gt;. The <> would get stripped but
depending on your order or regex matching, it might leave valid tags

There's probably other ways. That's just what I've thought of for now.

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