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Jeremy Coulson jcoulson at co.frederick.va.us
Tue Jul 24 16:35:05 CDT 2007

Oh, that resource looks fantastic.  Thanks!  Also, I signed up for the NAGW
list.  Let's hope I can pour that RPG IV knowledge into my brain well enough
to impress the boss.  

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Jeremy wrote:

Friends!  I am in the running for a promotion which could mean a raise of
$10k+ to me and a roof for my poor wife and children (I'm not too proud to
pry at heartstrings).  The catch: I have to show my boss that I can learn
RPG IV programming for our AS/400 in the next two weeks.  If anyone can
suggest some excellent books, direct me to some good resources, or come
spend evenings at the office with me showing me what to do, I would be
eternally grateful - as would my poor family!  




Jeremy Coulson

PC Technician/Webmaster, Frederick County

(540) 722-8211

jcoulson at co.frederick.va.us



Our iSeries/RPG guy says to start with this:


I know nothing about RPG or the iSeries (AS400), just passing along!

Good luck!


p.s. seeing as you're a government web guy like myself, you might check out
www.nagw.org. I think there are some iSeries people on our discussion list
as well.

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