Onyango, Felix Felix.Onyango at fnf.com
Wed Jul 25 09:39:13 CDT 2007

Guys, I am somewhat a newbie is MySQL, what I have is several tables
containing products offered by different manufactures. All tables have
identical structures.

What I want to do is to construct a query that will search all the
tables for a particular column and return ALL (*) data if that column

Here is an example of what I am taking about

Table 1 = Dickies

Table 2 = Levi 


ALL Tables Structure: Gender,Name,P_ID,Color,G_ID,Qty


"  SELECT * FROM Dickies, levi WHERE Dickies.Gender='F' AND
Levi.Gender='F'   "


I been on Google and have read all sorts of documentation but yet to
find any information on how to construct this query - Maybe I am looking
for the wrong information. I did however find a lot of documentation
about using the JOIN statement,  - Could this be the answer? If yes, how
do I go about it.


Felix Onyango

Systems Admin


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