[thelist] including remote/third-party content

Paul Waring paul at xk7.net
Thu Jul 26 17:05:16 CDT 2007

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 02:28:17PM -0700, Joel D Canfield wrote:
> Frames, or iframes? If iframes are better, is scripting the only way to
> make the iframe auto-fit the height of the content? although the content
> is fairly static, if the user changes the font size, we can't really
> know how tall the content will end up, yes?

Content within iframes can scroll, provided that you don't switch it off
(I think you use scrolling="no" or something, I've not used frames for
years), so it wouldn't matter if the content didn't fit the size of the
frame. I don't think you can find out the height of a remote document
anyway so I'm not sure how you would make the frame auto-fit to the


Paul Waring

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