[thelist] including remote/third-party content

Jay Turley jayturley at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 20:42:12 CDT 2007

If you wish to do it on the server, the only thing I can think of to
do is get the page with your server-side vbScript, and then screen
scrape it for the content. This tutorial on consuming web services
using classic ASP might help you out:



On 7/26/07, Joel D Canfield <joel at streamliine.com> wrote:
> > You can incorporate it directly into the page at the server,
> > if it's not
> > too complex a layout. That also gives you direct access to it's DOM
> > properties.
> >
> > How exactly depends on the server
> sounds très cool. any ideas how to do it on an IIS box with classic ASP? all Google tells me is that I don't know what to search for to find this.
> joel
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