[thelist] Site Review Request - Cheesecakes to You

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jul 27 07:52:44 CDT 2007

Lena asked:

>>A site redesign is due to launch soon. I am interested in receiving
>>about design, navigation, markup, etc., for the static pages on the

Hi Lena,

* IE6.0 SP2 ... In the navigation menu, the mouseovers seem a bit too
subtle for me.

* All the pages I looked at seemed to resize gracefully for me.

* If I hit the 'shop' link from the page you sent - it opens in the same
window.  If I take any other link from the page you sent, (e.g. 'about'
or 'products'), and THEN hit the 'shop' link from that page - it opens
in a new window.  Behavior should be consistent.  For me, I would prefer
not to open a new window.

* Oops, I took the 'home' link back to the old design ... I like the new
design much better.


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