[thelist] Need Help installing Dieresis Colloquius 1.0.5

Paul Mackae member at arsaic.com
Sat Jul 28 04:31:11 CDT 2007

Hello,I'm new to thelist, but I need some help installing a piece of old MessageBoard software called Dieresis Colloquius version 1.0.5, which is written in Perl. I'm having real difficulties installing this because there's no documentation as it was only available on the Colloquius website, which no longer exists. I've seen Colloquius been discussed before in the archives, so I wondering if someone could answer the following questions: - How do you install it? Do you just configure the "colloquius.pl" file? - How many files come with the package?   The package which I downloaded twice, from two different sites both gave me a .zip containing 30 files with two directories. - Why do I get an Internal Server 500 Error when I try to access the files that I uploaded to a site?Any information would be extremely useful, thanks for now.Kairu

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