[thelist] contact from vs. email

Micky Hulse micky at ambiguism.com
Sat Jul 28 14:44:43 CDT 2007

For my latest project, I chose to do just an email link (spam protected) 
instead of a contact form. Example:

<a href="mailto:me at mydomain.com">me at mydomain.com</a>

I figure folks who have email client setup can click the above link and 
it will open a new email message... or, the ones that do not can 
copy/paste the email addy in email app of choice.

I avoid using email links like so:

<a href="mailto:me at mydomain.com">Email Me!</a>

The above makes it harder for the less experienced to copy/paste the 
actual address.

Of course, if this were not a personal site, I would include both a 
contact form and the above email link... And possibly other options.


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