[thelist] Alternatives to PayPal

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Sun Jul 29 13:19:14 CDT 2007

Nan Harbison wrote:
> You do not have to open a PayPal account to pay online if the website has
> set up a Paypal merchant acct. I did a website for a non-profit that was
> raising some money on the website, and we used Paypal. The donor clicked on
> a link on our ssite that took them to a Paypal page where they had to just
> fill out their credit card info.
> Nan

Were all the donations below £500?

Is there 'setting up a Paypal merchant account' and some other way of 
using Paypal to take funds that I'm mistakenly using? Am I in need of 
upgrading my account somehow?


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