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Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
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We were not limited to any specific dollar amount that I know of. Most
people made donations of $100 US or less though. 

Here is the code PayPal gave me to use on the page where you enter the
amount you want to donate and click on the button to make a secure donation.
I changed the website name to protect the innocent and took out the
unnecessary formatting code:

 <form name="_xclick" action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr"
Enter the amount you wish to donate, please do not enter a dollar sign:

        <INPUT type="text" name="amount">
        <INPUT type=hidden value=_xclick name=cmd>
        <INPUT type=hidden value=donations at ccpools.org name=business>
        <INPUT type=hidden value="Charitable Organization" name=item_name>
        <INPUT type=hidden
value="http://website.org/images/logo_new_blue_sm.jpg" width="300"
height="235 name=image_url> 
	  <INPUT type=hidden
value="http://www.website.org/donation_thankyou.php" name=return>
        <INPUT type=hidden
value="http://www.website.org/cancel_donation.php" name=cancel_return>
        <INPUT type=hidden value=organizationloginname name=page_style>
        <INPUT type=hidden value=USD name=currency_code>
        <INPUT type=hidden value=0 name=tax>
        <INPUT type=submit alt="Make a tax-deductible contribution"
value="Click here to make a secure online donation" border=0 name=submit>


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Nan Harbison wrote:
> You do not have to open a PayPal account to pay online if the website 
> has set up a Paypal merchant acct. I did a website for a non-profit 
> that was raising some money on the website, and we used Paypal. The 
> donor clicked on a link on our ssite that took them to a Paypal page 
> where they had to just fill out their credit card info.
> Nan

Were all the donations below £500?

Is there 'setting up a Paypal merchant account' and some other way of using
Paypal to take funds that I'm mistakenly using? Am I in need of upgrading my
account somehow?


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