[thelist] Site Check Please

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Sun Jul 29 15:26:56 CDT 2007

> And, whether or not something is "helpful" is a matter of opinion. If
> it's not helpful *to you*, that's one thing, but that doesn't 
> mean it's
> helpful to someone else who may be more careful, realize the potential
> for confusion, and not make the same mistake.

Yes, the perceived value of most things is subjective. That's not the point. (And for the record, I *do* care about details like the PC is the hardware, Windows is the OS. I just don't fuss about it here because this isn't the right venue for that conversation.) Explain to me why your repeated (I'll drop the word 'constant') evangelization about 'PC != Windows' is of value on evolt.org's mailing list. I'm not challenging you to convince me that it might conceivably be helpful; I'm asking you to explain in some practical way *how* it's helpful. In what way will it *ever* impact my web development efforts?

I just don't see that it's a web development topic. Per thelist guidelines:

    "Anything that relates to Web development is up for discussion."

Yeah, that's broad and subjective, too. I could stretch it to include global warming or how to brew great tea. Let's not.

So, there's your challenge: tell me why repeatedly pointing out that 'a PC does not equal Windows' could concievably be of help to web developers, and I'll drop it. Otherwise, can you assume we get your point, and not belabor it further?

And, because this *is* completely off-topic, per thelist guidelines, here's my payment:

<tip type="aardvark's character entity chart" author="spinhead">
If you're new to thelist you may have missed many of the core articles that I refer to repeatedly. One I can't live without is aardvark's article "A Simple Character Entity Chart" (http://evolt.org/article/A_Simple_Character_Entity_Chart/17/21234/index.html) Covers virtually anything you'd want to type on the web, whether or not it's on your keyboard. As a cheat-sheet, the items under the 'Numeric Entity' column can be typed in any text document on a Windows PC by holding the 'ALT' key, and typing the four-digit (pad left with zero if necessary) number. Voilá! Accents, diaereses, and general textual love and joy.

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