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Johnathon Tinsley jtinsley at encryptec.net
Mon Jul 30 03:49:34 CDT 2007

----- "Dan Craciun" <dc.thelist at gmail.com> wrote:
> The site
> http://www.cadourinorocoase.ro/
> has reached beta stage.
> If anyone has the time, can you please test it? I'm interested mainly
> in design/usability issues, but any input/suggestion is appreciated.
> The intended scope was to produce a warm and friendly look, and a very
> fast and easy buying process.
> (For non-romanian speaking users: that site will sell hand-made 
> luck-related gifts).


You've got movement on FF (Ubuntu Linux) between the ?Information + contact Pages and all the other pages in the rest of the site... Apart from that, looks good :)

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